The SCB Business Solutions Limited Internal Audit is designed to increase transparency on service charges;
to demand better for business’s leasing office space in the UK.

We can negotiate the costs of your Service Level Agreement’s DOWN by 30 – 60% which could amount to £300,000+ pa, that’s Capital you could be putting back into your business. Our clients continue with their existing contractor’s providing the exact same service level agreement as to the previous budget.

Our Niche Audit saved a client £1.8 Million over 55,000 sqft.

Get a FREE SCB Limited  Service Charge Comparison on your charges today. 




Welcome To SCB Limited : As a new generation of commercial / residential property consultants, we are unrivalled in the UK in what we can offer.

Unfortunately tenants & property owner’s have no comparisons on SC’s and often do not receive the service expected from the budget, 

SCB LTD now offer a comparison for peace of mind.

  • Tired of continuously speaking to a help desk?
  • Disappointed with increasing service charges?
  • Is your service charge value for money?
  •  Are you constantly chasing updates from your property manager?
  • Experiencing a complete lack of transparency?
  • Hidden fees?

We Can Resolve Any Outstanding Issues With The Best Solution For You And Uncover Any Issues Yet To Be Discovered.

Example Of Our Work.

A recent client had attempted to reduce their service charge for two years with no significant reduction in figures, after exhausting all resources SCB LTD attended over a 4week period and achieved a saving of 62% amounting to  £1.5 Million  resulting in absolutely no reduction in service levels.

The properties NOI was also increased by 62% and SC rates down from £9.71 psqft to £4.17 psqft.


What We Do......

Service Charge Budget Reductions And Also Initial Service Charge Set-Up

This service is the main initiative of SCB ltd achieving saving's of up to 62% in 90% of cases completed in the commercial office sector resulting in a reduction in rates for our clients.

Service Audit

Our service audit will highlight any detrimental budgeting issues with suppliers/contractors that you may not be aware of, via this process we have established refunds from suppliers up to £30,000.

Health & Safety Compliance

As part of the service we will conduct a H&S compliance audit relevant to building RA/FRA/WRA/WAH/ ensuring best practice and supplying our client with a finalised compliance folder on site.

Budget & Property Sustainability

Property and office sustainability review - From waste management to utilities we have achieved our largest client saving's within this sector with utility costs being reduced by 50% in the first year

Client PPM

We can provide a client ppm for investors/Landlords who are looking for a survey of their property with a view to initiating renovations/refurbishment or looking to plan any required repairs whether cosmetic or a more in depth asset refurbishment.

Facilities Team Structuring

This is a service we offer to clients who wish to opt out of utilising a managing agent and wish to manage the service charge budget themselves thus giving full control of services and accounting back to you.

Tenant Meeting Hosting

Tenant meetings are an essential aspect of leasing commercial office space in order to ensure the tenant has a clear perspective of the services you are paying for. 70% of commercial tenants rarely hold a tenant meeting with their managing agent resulting in missed opportunity to view your quarterly variance etc. We offer a free service to host your meetings giving a greater insight into your services and bringing your estate together as a collective.

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