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Is Your Service Charge Budget Reasonable & Fair?

                                             More Importantly How Would You Know If It was? Unfortunately, tenants have no comparisons on SC’s and often do not                                                    receive the service expected from the budget, SCB now offer a comparison for peace of mind.

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A Word From Our Director

Service charge accounts are subject to an annual independent audit of certified expenditure submitted by the managing agent.

The SCB Audit provides absolute transparency where you see Sub-Costs, Management fees, Hard & Soft services costs and especially budget variance such as consistent overspend, and complete lack of transparency.
If you see budget overspend on your year-end reconciliation for management fees in excess of £30,000 pa, and contract costs above £200,000 pa then you should give us a call as these are clear signs of a badly managed budget and SCB can establish huge savings on your behalf. £1.8 Million Saved on 1 Building.

“As the Founder And Managing Director For SCB LTD It Has Become My Goal  To Ensure That Landlords And Tenants Have A Service Charge Cost & Service delivery that is unrivalled in the UK”.

SCB LTD are achieving the lowest cost yet highest service delivery in the UK!
We have a very clear goal, which is to revive the UK Commercial property market in a way that benefits all involved. Whether you are a Landlord, a tenant or a managing agent, we can help.

                                                                              Client testimonial: 


 “As the Facilities Manager for a not for profit organisation, we contacted Mr Taylor to help reduce our service charge budget. We were presented with a hugely impressive reduction of over 50% along with a tangible increase in service levels.

We had worked for a long time on attempts to reduce our service charge budget without success, for Mr Taylor to have completed this in such a short time frame we could not be more grateful.
I would highly recommend his services to any company, thoroughly professional and will most definitely be in touch with him again in the future”.      Facilities Manager. Andrew. Robinson.

Increase your property NOI by up to 60% & Cap your costs for the next 5 years. Savings you can announce to your tenants to ensure lease renewals. We can complete our full review and present our findings and savings in 4-6 weeks.




Who we are…

Our goal at SCB business solutions LTD is to assist landlord’s,tenants and investors to significantly reduce and effectively manage their existing or new service charge budget.

After working within the industry for over two decades it became apparent that 85% of clients that are subject to a service charge budget were very unsatisfied with the lack of transparency from the managing agent relevant to budget reporting,hidden fee’s and late annual budget reconciliation’s resulting in lost monies.

As an example our previous client had attempted to reduce their service charge for two years with no significant reduction in figures,after exhausting all resources SCB LTD attended over a 4 week period and achieved a saving of 62% amounting to £1.8 Million resulting in absolutely no reduction in service levels.
The properties NOI was also increased by 62% and SC rates down
from £9.71 psqft to £4.17 psqft.”  with the service contracts fixed for five years resulting in absolutely no reduction in service levels. They now boast full transparency and report that service levels have actually increased and communications are better than ever.

Within the commercial office space the service charge in many cases exceeds the expense for rent/rates on an annual basis. Rent, Business Rates & Service Charges: These can amount to as much as £700,000 per annum per floor for business owners to occupy commercial office space in a city, plus you can add on costs for your estate charges per quarter! The feedback we get from tenants is regarding the lack of transparency from the landlord’s agents regarding costs and that service delivery is just not up to standard. We understand that this can be frustrating and time consuming for you. 

There is a demand for our particular services for the office space that now represents 85% of the commercial business rental space within the UK.


We have developed a technically advanced system collated from many years experience working alongside managing agents,surveyors,tenant,Landlord’s and investors which has allowed for a wide range of perspective’s with a team of experienced property experts who are dedicated to considerably reducing your service charge budget . There are companies offering price comparisons or solicitors offering reductions on service charge’s via the FTT (First-tier tribunal) 27A application form but you would not be eligible if the charges have been agreed or admitted by the lease holder. 

SCB Ltd are able to assist you by implementing our system reaching the desired result for the client even if the charges have been agreed.

What are the key issues facing the service charge industry? The interesting thing about service charges is that people do not appreciate the scale, our estimates have determined that for both the office and commercial retail sector is the size of the market is about £4 billion pounds and it affects most people. The issues that influence are particularised out of the fact that there is no overriding legislation and therefore the impact on the ground depends on the contract’s that you will then enter into with your landlord. In the absence of this overriding regulation evidentially what we find is a great variability both in terms of service delivery and cost, and that’s why SCB Business Solutions LTD was formed, to establish a reasonable & fair service charge budget and achieving full transparency for all parties involved. Contact us now to find out how we can assist with your existing service charge and reduce your costs by up to 50%!


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