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Reasonable & Fair?

Is your Commercial Service Charge Budget Reasonable & Fair?
We are unrivalled in the UK in what we can offer Occupants in commercial leases... SCB LTD Evidenced Reviews ensure your company has the ability to survive in a competitive business environment, and continue to prosper throughout your occupancy. Service Charge Pioneers! Services Up! Costs Down!
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A Word From Our Director

“As the Founder And Managing Director For SCB LTD
It Has Become My Goal To Ensure That Commercial Occupants Have A Service Charge Cost & Service delivery
that is unrivalled in the UK”.

"Consider this statement from Jonathan Gaunt QC….. "

“Occupants who agree to service charge clauses
which they contract to pay against a surveyor’s
estimate or an accountant’s certificate rely upon the
professional people involved performing their roles
with professional scrupulousness, diligence,
and independence and not in a partisan spirit,
supposing their only task to be to recover as much
money as they can for the landlord.”

We ensure transparency of all expenditure and services

Commercial Service Charge Budget review

Service Charge Reconciliation/Budget summary/Variance reports along with your lease will highlight any detrimental budgeting issues with suppliers/contractors that you may not be aware of.

Contract Management Operations

Contract Management Operations - We can establish how operations are failing the occupants and provide evidence of under delivered services often resulting in occupant reimbursement.

Contract -
Agreements Cost's

Our clients have achieved up to 50% saving’s on SC Rates as we highlight evidenced inflated costs for occupants leasing commercial office space. Occupants often receive unexpected costs for services or have not received a service they have paid for.

Tenant Meeting’s Review

We can resolve any outstanding issues with the best solution for you and uncover any issues yet to be discovered.

Occupancy Sustainability

EPC rating review, we ensure through are expertise that the office space is fully sustainable and continues to drive costs down.