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Up To 62% Reduction In Costs….
Landlords benefit from increased NOI, Tenants benefit from reduced service charges.
Managing agents benefit from a much improved working relationship with clients and time saved on disputes. All this is achieved with absolutely NO REDUCTION IN SERVICE LEVELS GUARANTEED!
Increase Your: Gross Income, Occupancy, Service Levels, Lease renewal’s & more…
Decrease Your: Expenditure, SC Rates, Tenant Disputes, Vacancy and credit losses etc..


Service Charge Budget Reductions
And Also
Initial Service Charge Set-Up

This service is the main initiative of SCB ltd our clients have achieved up to 62% savings in 90% of cases completed in the commercial office sector resulting in a reduction in rates for our clients. The rise of the full-service office space brings tougher demands on tenants relevant to technology etc. Be it an occupier, landlord or indeed an investor's focus is saving monies, compliance or service delivery we can assist to uncover any present issues or issues yet to be discovered resulting in the best solution for the client. We offer our expertise to landlords and investors who wish to promote best management practice and ensure governance or simply just tackle any challenges identified. In order to put together your service charge budget for the first time we have collated steps to assist you to ensure you forecast adequately for your annual service charge budget. You can view this page via the service charge budget button link on this site.

Health & Safety Compliance

As part of the service we will conduct a H&S compliance audit relevant to building RA/FRA/WRA/WAH/ ensuring best practice and supplying our client with a finalised compliance folder on site.

Service Audit

Our service audit will highlight any detrimental budgeting issues with suppliers/contractors that you may not be aware of, via this process we have established refunds from suppliers up to £30,000. We will also ensure that SLA's & KPI's are specific to the serviced areas. You will receive a report relevant to each supplier highlighting all issues investigated and action taken. Although audits take place for compliance & Fire etc our service audit is an in depth investigation that would not usually be available. Put your mind at rest and utilise our service audit to ensure that your budget is being used responsibly and effectively.

Free Commercial Tenant Meetings

Tenant meetings are an essential aspect of leasing commercial office space in order to ensure the tenant has a clear perspective of the services you are paying for. 70% of commercial tenants rarely hold a tenant meeting with their managing agent resulting in missed opportunity to view your quarterly variance etc. We offer a free service to host your meetings giving a greater insight into your services and bringing your estate together as a collective.

Facilities Team Structuring

This is a service we offer to clients who wish to opt out of utilising a managing agent and wish to manage the service charge budget themselves thus giving full control of services and accounting back to you. This would normally be an option for clients who are the sole proprietor in a property or clients within a smaller building. A previous client occupied a building of 116,356 sqft over 12 floors, they shared the property with four companies and opted for the facilities team structure.They meet every quarter to review the variance reports and only encourages tenant meetings which were not previously taking place and decisions were made to actually benefit the tenants.


Property and office sustainability review - From waste management to utilities we have achieved our largest client saving's within this sector with utility costs being reduced by 50% in the first year due to faulty PIR's,Winter and summer setting's for plant room assets, and for example timers not operating correctly.We can ensure through are expertise that the property or office space is fully sustainable and continues to drive costs down.

Client PPM

We are able to formulate a property protective maintenance schedule to ensure all assets are maintained appropriately and within a timely manner. The planer provided will allow for prior notice of the arrival of a service engineer or alternatively if a contractor does not attend on the scheduled ppm you will have an attendance date to refer to. We also provide a client ppm for investors/Landlords who are looking for a survey of their property with a view to initiating renovations/refurbishment or looking to plan any required repairs whether cosmetic or a more in depth asset refurbishment to be planned via the service charge budget over a period of time. We can provide a survey with estimated cost's that when agreed will be Incorporated into the service charge budget usually over a 2-3 year period.

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